31 is an easy-to-learn group card game that can be enjoyed by 2 or more players.  Get the value of your cards close to 31 to avoid losing a life.  The video tutorial and explanation are below.

31 Tutorial:


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Needed: 2+ players; A standard 52 card deck; 3 objects per player (such as poker chips)

Deal: Each player is dealt 3 cards, one card at a time.  The remaining deck is placed in the middle.  The top card of the remaining deck is flipped over to start the discard pile.

Objective: The objective of the game is to get the value of the cards in your hand closer to 31 than at least one other player.  The player furthest from 31 when the round ends loses a life.  Each player will start with 3 lives.

Card Value:
  • Ace: 11
  • Jack/Queen/King: 10
  • 2-10: Face Value

Card values can only be added together if the cards are in the same suit, or a hand with 3 of a kind in any card rank has a value of 30.

Game Play: The player left of the dealer is first to play.  He/she can choose the top card from the deck or the top card of the discard pile.  Once a card is drawn, a discard is placed on top of the discard pile.  Play moves clockwise with players trying to improve the value of their cards.  When a player is comfortable with the value of his/her hand, he/she can knock.  When knocking, a player does not draw a card.  The knock takes the place of drawing a card.  After a knock, the other players get one more turn to draw a card.  After the last player has played, everyone’s cards are shown.  The player with the lowest hand value loses a life.  The winner of the game is the last player still alive.

  • If a player has a hand value of 31, the cards are immediately shown and every other player loses a life. 
  • If the player that knocks ends up with the lowest hand value, he/she loses 2 lives.
  • If the player that knocks and another player tie for the lowest hand value, only the player that did not knock loses a life as he/she had another turn to improve his/her hand.  
  • If 2 or more players (that did not knock) tie for the lowest hand value, both players lose a life.
  • After a player loses a third life, the player is still in the game.  Once a player loses a life with no chips left, that player is out of the game.