Chinese Checkers is a fun board game that can be played with 2 to 6 players.  Move your pieces across the board first to win this game! Below you will find the video tutorial and explanation.

Chinese Checkers Tutorial:


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Needed: 2-6 players; Chinese Checkers board with pieces

Setup: Each player will choose a peg color to be in the game.  Each player has 10 pegs starting in one of the outside triangles.

Objective: The object of the game is to move all your pegs to the opposite triangle across from your starting position.

Game Play: A peg can move one space into an adjacent hole if open.  A jump move can also be made by jumping an adjacent peg when there is an open hole on the other side.  Players take turns moving one peg at a time.  Multiple jumps can be made by the same peg when the opportunity presents itself.  Players can jump their own pegs as well as any opponent’s pegs.

Win: The first player to move all his/her pegs into the triangle opposite the starting triangle wins the game.

  • A player can jump into another player’s triangle during a turn, but must be able to make another jump out of the triangle before the move is over.  
  • If one player is blocking another from winning the game by not moving a peg from his/her starting triangle, the player can win by swapping his/her peg for the blocking peg when no other advancing move can be made. 
  • No peg is ever removed from the board.