Golf is a great, social group card game that can be enjoyed by a number of players.  Keep your score low through 9 holes (rounds) to give yourself a chance to win.  There are a few variations of the card game Golf.  Below you will find the video tutorial and explanation for 6 card golf.  Be sure to keep the Golf quick guide close while playing for a quick reference to help you learn as you play!

Golf Tutorial:


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GOLF Quick Guide
Needed: 54 card deck (jokers included); 2-4 players (if playing with more than 4 players, add additional card decks); Pen and paper for scorekeeping.

Deal:  Each player is dealt 6 cards and the top card of the remaining deck is flipped up to start a discard pile.

Setup:  Cards remain face down in 3 columns with 2 cards per column.

Objective:  Score the lowest amount of points by matching cards within a column or keeping unmatched cards low in value through 9 holes.

Game Play:  Play begins with the player left of the dealer.  On a player’s first turn he/she will flip over 2 cards.  The player must decide whether to take the top showing card on the discard pile or draw the top card of the deck.  The player then decides to switch the card for one of his/her cards or discard the drawn card.  Play continues clockwise until a player has all his/her cards facing up.  At this time, each other player gets one more turn.  After a player’s last turn, any cards still facing down get flipped up.

Scoring:  Matching cards in a column scores zero points.  A joker is negative 2 points.  A king is zero points.  Cards 2-10 are worth face value.  The queen and jack are each 10 points.