Life is a fun and easy-to-play board game that can be enjoyed by 2-6 players.  Collect the most money and life tile value to win this game!  The video tutorial and explanation are below.

Life Tutorial:


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 LIFE Quick Guide
Needed: 2-6 players; Life board game

Setup: The board is setup by matching the letter on the bottom of each piece to the same letter on the board.  Separate the Life cards into 4 piles.  A pile for each the stock cards, the house deed cards, the salary cards, and the career cards.  4 Life tiles will be placed next to the Millionaire Estates building on the board.  Each player will chose a car and add one person to the car.  The bankers bin will be setup with the money separated by denomination, the insurance and loans separated, the Life tiles, and the people pegs.  Each player begins with $10,000 from the bank.

Objective: The object of the game is to have the highest value of money and Life tiles once every player has reached retirement.

Game Play - The game begins with a player choosing to start a career or start college.  Start a career by drawing 1 career card and 1 salary card.  Draw a different career card if the one drawn states “Degree Required.”  To start college, take a $40,000 bank loan from the bank.  The players that go to college will stop at the career choice space. 
Players that go to college get to draw 3 career cards and 3 salary cards.  The player will then choose the one he/she wants to keep.  

Each turn a player will spin the wheel and move the equal number of spaces.  Follow the directions of the space landed on.  There are 4 colors of spaces.  Most spaces are orange and a player must follow the directions of the space when landed on.  The blue spaces have directions that are optional.  When landed on, the player can choose to follow the directions or not.  The green spaces are pay days.  When landed on or passed, the players will collect their salary amount from the bank.  There are 3 red spaces.  The first is the career choice space where a player gets to choose a career after going to college.  The second is the get married space where a player will add a spouse to their car and take a life tile.  The third is the buy a house space where a player will draw a house deed card and pay the bank the amount listed on the card.  If a player is short on cash to pay for the house, he/she will have to borrow from the bank.

If you land on a space with a LIFE logo, take a LIFE tile from the bank.  If the bank is out of LIFE tiles, steal one from another player.  Exception - players retired at Countryside Acres cannot have their LIFE tiles stolen.

If you land on an orange space with a career symbol, you have to pay the owner of that career the amount stated on the space.  If no player has the career, pay the bank.
If you land on a career change space, draw a new career card and salary card.

If you decide to go to night school, draw 2 career cards and 2 salary cards.  Then choose to keep your current career card or one of the new career cards.  Do the same for the salary cards.

Once you get to the retirement space, decide where you want to retire.  Take a LIFE tile if retiring at Countryside Acres.  Among the players retired at Millionaire Estates, the one with the most money gets to take the 4 LIFE tiles set aside at the beginning of the game.  Upon retirement, all bank loans must be paid back.  

Winning: Once every player has retired, add up your money and LIFE tiles.  The player with the highest value wins the game.

  • If your career is a police officer, anytime a player spins a 10 on the wheel he/she owes you $5,000, but you have to notice the 10 spin as the police officer to get paid.
  • At the beginning of any turn, a player can buy homeowners insurance from the bank by paying the bank the amount listed for insurance on the house deed card.  This protects you from some disastrous orange spaces.
  • At the beginning of any turn, a player can buy auto insurance by paying the bank $10,000.  This protects your car from any disastrous orange spaces.  
  • At the beginning of any turn, a player can buy a stock card for $50,000 paid to the bank.  When the number on your stock card is spun by any player, you collect $10,000 from the bank.  A player can own only 1 stock card unless he/she lands on the stock market space, then he/she can have 2 stock market cards.
  • $25,000 is needed to pay back a $20,000 bank loan.  The extra $5,000 is the interest.