Mancala is a strategic board game that is played with 2 players.  Get more stones in your Mancala than your opponent to win the game!  The video tutorial and explanation are below.

Mancala Tutorial:


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Needed: 2 players; Mancala board with 48 stones

Setup: The board is placed between the 2 players, and 4 stones are placed in each cup.  Each player only plays from the 6 cups directly in front of him/her.  The large cups at the ends of the board are the Mancalas.  Each players own Mancala is to the right.  The stones only move counterclockwise to the right.

Objective: The object of the game is to get more stones in your Mancala than your opponent gets in his/her Mancala. 

Game Play: The stones from a cup are picked up and 1 stone is placed in each cup starting to the right.  If the last stone played ends in your Mancala, you move again.  If a player’s last stone ends in an empty cup on his/her own side, the stones from the opposite side are captured.  The capturing stone and the captured stones on the opposite side all go to the player’s Mancala.  When a player has removed all the stones from his/her side the game is over.  Any stones that are in cups on the other side are moved to that player’s Mancala.

Scoring:  The stones in each Mancala are counted.  The player with more stones wins the game.  

Rule:  A player only plays stones into his/her own Mancala.