Memory is an easy-to-learn and easy-to-play card game for 2 or more players.  Test your memory, and reveal the most pairs to win this game!  Below you will find the video tutorial and explanation.

Memory Tutorial:


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Needed: 52 card deck; 2 or more players

Setup: Place all the cards face down into rows and columns. 

Objective:  The objective of the game is to flip over the most pairs in the same card rank.

Game Play:  The first player will flip over 2 cards, 1 card at a time.  If the cards are not the same rank, they are flipped back over, and play moves to the next player.  If the cards flipped are the same rank, the pair is kept, and the player gets to go again.  Players continue to take turns until all the cards have been matched.

It is important to pay attention while other players are taking their turns to try to remember where cards are located.

To add an additional challenge, make it so pairs have to match rank and color.

Winning:  Once all the pairs have been matched, the players count how many pairs they collected during the game.  The player with the most pairs wins the game.