Shut The Box is a dice game that is easy-to-learn and easy-to-play. Roll the right numbers to shut the box!  The video tutorial and explanation are below.

Shut The Box Tutorial:


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Needed: 2+ players; Shut The Box game board, Score pad

Objective: The object of the game is to shut, or lower, as many number tiles as possible during your turn.

Game Play: A round begins with all the tiles in the up position.  A player will roll 2 dice and add them up.  The player will then lower an equal amount of tiles.  For example, if the player rolls a total of 9, he/she can lower any tiles equal to 9:
  • 9
  • 8 and 1
  • 7 and 2
  • 6 and 3 
  • 5 and 4
  • 6, 2, and 1
  • 4, 3, and 2

The player continues to roll as long as he/she has an equal number of tiles to lower.  When no more tiles can be lowered, the turn is over.

Score:  A player scores the amount of tiles still left up.  Once a player’s score is recorded, the next player begins with all tiles in the up position.

Winning:  When a player scores 45 or more points, he/she is eliminated from the game.  The last player still in the game wins!

  • Once a player has the 7, 8, and 9 lowered, he/she may choose to use only 1 die, but is not required to.
  • If a player lowers every tile, it is known as shutting the box, and the player scores no points for that turn.  
  • If all the remaining players go over 45 points in the same round, the player with the lower overall score wins the game.

Head To Head:  The game can also be played head to head with 2 players.  Player 1 will begin the same way as in the first game play.  Once player 1 is no longer able to lower anymore tiles the turn is over.  In this game play the tiles lowered remain down.  Player 2 begins his/her turn with the goal of raising the tiles that player 1 lowered.  Player 2 will roll until he/she is unable to raise anymore tiles.  Play moves back to player 1 who will again try to lower all the tiles.  If player 1 can lower all the tiles, he/she wins.  If player 2 can get all the tiles raised, he/she wins.  In this game play, both dice must be use every roll.