Ship, Captain, and Crew  is an easy-to-learn dice game for multiple players.  You will need to roll high numbers to win this game!  Below is the video tutorial and explanation for Ship, Captain, and Crew.

Ship, Captain, & Crew Tutorial:


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Needed: 5 Dice; poker chips

Setup: Each player will need something to bet with, such as poker chips.

Objective: The object of the game is to roll a ship, captain, crew, and highest cargo.  The ship is represented by a 6 on a die, the captain by a 5 on a die, the crew by a 4 on a die.  The remaining 2 dice are known as the cargo.  Each player gets up to 3 rolls on a turn. 

Game Play: Before the first player rolls, each player must make an ante with a poker chip. 

Once a roll is made, the rolling player will want to set aside a ship (6), captain (5), and crew (4) if rolled.  A player must have a ship (6) before a captain (5) can be set aside.  A player must have a ship (6) and a captain (5) before a crew (4) can be set aside.  Any dice that are not set aside are rolled again.  A players turn can have up to three rolls. 

Once a ship (6), captain (5), and crew (4) have been rolled, the remaining two dice are added together for a cargo total. 

Winner: The player with the highest amount of cargo wins the ante pot.

Rule:  If players tie for the highest amount of cargo, the tying players will each take another turn.  The highest amount of cargo among the tying players’ additional rolls wins.