The card game Speed takes after its namesake.  It is a fast paced game played by two players.  This exciting game is a race to see which player can get rid of their cards first.  Speed is easy to learn and easy to play.  Below is the video tutorial and explanation.

Speed Tutorial:


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Needed: 52 card deck; 2 players

Deal:  Each player is dealt 20 cards in 2 piles, 15 cards in one pile and 5 cards in the other pile.  The remaining 12 cards a setup in a horizontal line between the 2 players with two single cards next to each other and a 5 card pile on the outside of each single card. 

Objective:  Be the first player to get rid of your 20 cards into the middle.

Game Play:  Each player holds the five card pile in his/her hand.  The game begins with each player flipping up one of the single cards in the middle.  Players than can play cards from their hands that are one number higher or one number lower than the cards in the middle.  Players play as fast as they can and do not take turns.  Once a card is played into the middle, the player can replace it with a card from the pile of 15 cards.  The ace links the king and two together.  The first player to play all his/her cards into the middle and shouts “SPEED” wins the game.  

Rules:  Only one card can be played into the middle at a time.   A player can have no more than 5 cards in his/her hand at a time.